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Happy Tree Friends Online Games
Flappy BirdSplendids First Flight 2 (Flappy Bird)
A small fun game derived from flappy bird. Steer Splendids first flight! New version with laser-shooting!

Happy Tree Friends - Crazy KirmesseCrazy Kermis
The Moleis having lots of fun at the kermis when suddenly crazy things start to happen!Dashing wheels, jumping giant teddy bears, bombs and bouncing balls all over the place.Help blind Demole to escape the danger.

Happy Tree Friends - Crazy KirmesseBloody Lemonade
Petunia and Cuddles prepared some limonade on a beautiful and hot summerday. Flippy, who already cought a minor sunstroke discovers handgranades among some scattered lemons and instantly finds himself relegated at war.

Happy Tree Friends ???Caution Vultures
After making its way through the dessert, Lumpy arrives nearly parchedat a mountain. Looking for water, he decides to climb on the mountain, but he soon finds out, that this was not a good idea at all. Greedyvultures, which have...

Happy Tree Friends Flying HighFlying High
After the very easy version of „GoGo Toothy“, there is now a new and really funny game called „Flying High“. Again, Toothy fell from a tree and is now stuck with the nerve of his eye on a branch. This time, you have to grab Toothy in order to...
Happy Tree Friends Petunia BalancePetunia Balance
Petunia is drifting on the open sea. Fortunately her rubber duckie protects her from the hungry shark that has already taken a few nibbles out of some other HTFs. Use your mouse to balance Petunia and try to keep her upright...
Happy Tree Friends DynamitIce Slide
Ice Games. Click on the ice cub with the mouse and throw it as far as possible. But pay attention to the Happy Tree Friends, which are on the track. Trees covered with snow will give you more power, while contacting ice edges will...
Happy Tree Friends Laser TrainingLaser Training
It took a long time to develop the idea for Splendid. The aim of the game is to fire as many bees as possible. Your own shoots are your enemies. You can imagine yourself, how a laser-shoot affects Splendid’s health :). Splendid can...
Happy Tree Friends Lumpy ArtistLumpy Artist
In this game Lumpy is an artist funambulating. The aim of the game is to get as far as possible when the weather is good, but also when it is bad. Shortly after the game started a storm will arise and it will start to rain. Waterdrops collecting...
Happy Tree Friends CubShoot 3CubShoot 3
CubShoot Games. This time Flippy uses a basuka to get rid of Cub forever. The game can be controlled as usual with the mouse. As soon as you hit Cub, the rocket can be controlled immediately. By pressing the mouse button, the rocket will rise – when you let the mouse button go it will sink...
Happy Tree Friends CubShoot 2CubShoot 2
Cubshoot 2 is a further version of Cubshoot. This time you have to fire Cub as close to the middle of a tree as possible. After each shot a bird with a scoring board will appear showing your score. Clicking with the mouse for the first time will drop Cub from the tree and with the second...
Happy Tree Friends CubShootCubShoot
Cubshoot is a copy of one the well known online Games „Yeti Sports “ made by Yetisports. It was very well accepted and broke the day record by bringing 74.000 users to this page. The game is controlled with the mouse buttons. Clicking with the mouse for the first time will drop Cub from...
Happy Tree Friends Jumping NuttyJumping Nutty
As you know, Nutty loves sweets. In this game you can control Nutty from bird to bird. By jumping on the birds, they will explode and you get their sweets. Aim of the game is to get as high as possible. Use the arrow keys to achieve that.
Happy Tree Friends Crazy DiscoCrazy Disco
The Happy Tree Friends characters go to the clubs as well. But this club is nuts! The discoballs are falling from the ceiling and you have to make sure they won’t hit Lifty. Avoid the balls as long as possible and collect as many blinking points...
Happy Tree Friends Flippy AttackFlippy Attack
In this game you have to protect Cuddles from Flippy’s attacks. Use the arrow keys to avoid Flippy’s shoots as long as possible. Attention: Flippy will start shooting immediately! After Cuddles has been hit 5 times, the game is over.
Happy Tree Friends DynamitDynamit
Dynamite was the first Happy Tree Friends Game at all. It was presented on NBS (online Games) and spread far in the web. The aim of the game is to keep the dynamite as long as possible above the ground. When it hits the ground

ChatGPT GermanChatGPT: Revolutionizing the Landscape of Game Development

OpenAI's ChatGPT has introduced a paradigm shift in game development, offering vast potential for creative innovation. Its proficiency in generating human-like text allows for automatic dialogue and narrative creation, a boon for developers who previously had to script every possible player interaction. Additionally, ChatGPT's ability to generate dynamic and context-specific responses based on player input can lead to more immersive and engaging gameplay. Moreover, it can aid in procedural content generation, producing novel game elements such as characters, quests, or even entire worlds, facilitating dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay. Thus, ChatGPT opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in game development, transforming the way games are designed, played, and experienced.

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Flappy BirdSplendids First Flight (Flappy Bird)
A small fun game derived from flappy bird. Steer Splendids first flight!

Happy Tree Friends - Crazy KirmesseAfter Amok (App Version)
After a really bad flashback Flippy runs wild. He then buries all the victims and goes to bed. A nightmare begins…...

Dumb Ways to Die - Happy Tree Friends EditionDumb Ways to Die - HTF Edition
This game is a Happy Tree Friends eition of Dumb Ways to Die. Prevent the HTF characters in small games from diying. Currently there are eight mini-games, which randomly keep changing...
Happy Tree Friends Sweet Ride SkateSweet Ride Skate
Sweet Ride Skate is a bloody online game about the Happy Tree Friends episode „Sweet Ride“. You have to control the skating Cuddles on a track with many obstacles. You have to make sure that Nutty is not getting to close to you, since...
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