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22:29 24.10.2010
i love it because its also on adiccting gamez!!!!!

01:49 29.09.2009
this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:26 17.08.2009
it is okay and why is everything in a different language like the search button it spells out suchen

03:24 21.05.2009
nice beat em up 2 is a lot worse and this doesn't need buying

em0boy United kingdom

20:31 17.05.2009
sweet i love killing virtual people so much especially all the blood when you impale him

kath United kingdom

19:44 14.11.2008
That game is rank. I think it's pretty good though. I like it when you can make the spike go right through him. He gives out shreaking thrills like; "OH MY GOOOOOOOOODD!" Haha! :P

10:15 20.10.2008
its so awsome

02:36 23.09.2008
i agree its good first but then it gets BORING!!!

01:22 11.08.2008
it was kool at first then i got boring

17:28 15.06.2008
blood is good to me unless if its mime

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