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admin Germany

14:16 04.11.2013
i hate it very much

18:19 01.01.2010
awesome! its so gory :-P

21:57 28.12.2009
hát ez kúrva nagy esküszöm!! XD :D

17:39 26.11.2009
its awsome oh and guys do i have a dirty pic lolololol!!!

20:35 17.08.2009
fun and horrifying

14:41 15.08.2009
ok the game lol hehe no name i am hungari

14:34 23.07.2009
this is so cool

13:02 03.07.2009
This Game makes San Adreas look like a game for four year olds. I FEEL GUILTY EVEN IF I'M ONLY PLAYING IT!!!

dadaas Croatia

20:56 01.07.2009
Dang this is insane game,

20:25 06.05.2009
this game is fucking awesome my friends think im a sadistic bitch which is true even my nan thinks so lol but i dont cxare i tell you what i would love is if they made one that you could pour acid ove

11:45 29.04.2009
very cool with all those blood I Like this game and play it always!!!!!!

21:48 31.01.2009
mwahahahah! xD

18:10 14.01.2009
nice i play this game alot now and its fuckin sweet

08:55 29.12.2008
i pretend i am a mass murder and i captured my older brother

rayna USA

03:51 02.12.2008

04:33 31.10.2008
i skin him alive then chop off his arms legs and then put them back on using rope

22:56 17.10.2008
i like it, but it would be even better if you could pour some acid over him, or break his bones without cutting then. P.S. i noticed that if you use the metal piece on the head, sometimes the head dis

17:17 11.10.2008
i pretend its my ex grlfriend but with luicemia

02:34 23.09.2008
i chainsawed his whole body lol

20:56 02.09.2008
i riped of his head and he was still alive. P.S. Å ta se radi Hrvatine?

02:59 01.09.2008
i prettend its my boss

21:10 07.08.2008
its awesome for disturbed people like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02:07 04.08.2008
this is fun

aym003 USA

13:09 14.07.2008
i can't play there is only words what should i do

14:01 09.06.2008
I love this game.

00:44 21.05.2008
It won't let me play,

happy Switzerland

21:34 12.05.2008
fettes script!

21:02 12.05.2008
lol, this is so sick! you can chop off his legs and arms and still keep him alive.

gameii Albania

20:40 12.05.2008
i chainsawed his weener!

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