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For games that are fun, easy to play and entirely portable, it’s hard to go past Flash games (also known as browser games). Their popularity stems from the fact that they’re free and you don't need to download or install any software to play them, and so you can play on any device and anywhere. And while the graphics and gameplay doesn't pretend to be able to match console-based games, there is nevertheless much fun to be had from Flash games, whether you’re playing on a PC, smartphone or tablet.
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You can choose from a huge variety of Flash games, from sports, to number games, to puzzles, to adventure, and just about every other category you can think of. Games tend to become overnight sensations, as they are easy to share, and so the most popular titles pick up huge numbers of players very quickly.

Some of the Flash games that are currently extremely popular include Tanki Online, which is a warfare game similar to World of Tanks, Cut The Rope (where you have to feed candy to a strange underground creature), and Agar.io, where you have to eat cells in a game that’s not unlike the classic Pacman.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little more grown up, there are plenty of online casino games you can play in Flash (or Instant Play) versions as well. Although you can play for real money if you want, at most sites you can play online casino games for free in demo mode, and most adapt really well to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets as well.

Some of the most popular Flash games around are based on Happy Tree Friends, an animated series aimed at adults that first appeared on the internet, and which features a collection of very cute, seemingly innocent animals who somehow manage to meet macabre and gruesome deaths in every episode. Like the TV series, the games based on Happy Tree Friends also involve lots of bloody and horrible deaths, with the challenge being to try and keep the characters alive as long as possible. The online versions of the games have proved so popular that a series of Happy Tree Friends apps have been released for iOS and Android devices. The apps, which are free to download, include the games After Amok, Dumb Ways to Die and Dynamite.
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